The name Send Coffee comes from some letters Minor Sage sent to a variety of people during a strange period of time. All the letters were written in 'ransom note' style - using letters cut from newspapers and magazines to write them. MorJava suggested putting a 'p.s.' at the bottom of each letter reading "Send Coffee". Minor Sage never received any coffee in return, though the neoist tENTATIVELY a cONVENIENCE did send a large print of the letter 'T'.

Our first Send Coffee site went up in 1996 and had a Vurt theme. Vurt is a book by Jeff Noon, and we were really just goofing around on the net, so we went with it. It was going to be a small site, off MJ's service provider - you know, the whole tilde thing, but it started getting bigger and bigger. After we created a webzine - Dog-O-matic kiosk - on MinorSage's ISP page, we realized it was time to give in and get a domain name for Send Coffee.

Since getting the full domain name in 1997, we've added a lot of new things -like a coffee Gift section - Send Coffee Gifts and Send Coffee Publishing. But, we also kept some of the old - we're nostalgic types.

Also popular demand, you can now purchase your very own Send Coffee logo mug!

There's a lot to see, so grab another cup of coffee and have a look around.

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