Welcome Kittling!

Game Cat usually warns his kittlings about the newest feathers, the hottest mind-widening trips available, but Cat's taking this occassion to offer some insight.

"Cat,", someone asked, "what is the meaning of life?"

Well Cat's here to tell you. It's to have a good time and don't mess up anyone's Doc's in the process ...and don't, let them mess up yours.

Ever take a long look in that silver backed other-world people hang carelessly on the walls of their pleasure domes? That's you kittling, and it's all you really have. Family, lovers, and aquaintances can leave, do leave, but you're always there. Get to know that person staring back at you and they'll always look out for you.

Notice sometimes that forlorn look in those wet globes staring back at you?
That's a clue kittling, that maybe some maintenance is in demand.

Cat's been there, he knows. We're not talking about a monthly manicure here. Takes a lot more than that to make the Game Cat, Game Cat. Sure, Cat's got his little quirks and peculiarities just like everyone. Cat's even got a closet full of nightmares, most of them real.
Take a look in the bounce-back window again.
Those quirks are yours, they are you kittling. Love them, deal with them, or get out of their way. See, those quirks know the deal, maybe better than even you do. They know if you ignore them, they can have an orgy in your head. All those quirks having at each other means their numbers swell, till you find yourself stuck in them with no chance of probation.
Cat wouldn't steer a kittling wrong.
Sense of self kittling.
Get it.
Otherwise you'll end up a chameleon, settling for whatever comes your way. Holding on to a bad trip that keeps getting worse and thinking it's the best you can do.
Cat knows you can do better.
Cat has faith in you.
You have faith in you, just a matter of finding it.

That wall of fear will tell you you can't get past it. It will whisper sweet 'turn backs' in your ear and make your knees shake when you come up on it, but the other side is clear blue skys. The wall knows what lies will work on you. Who do you think built it anyway?

"Cat,", you say, "what's a kittling to do?".

Mind trimming. Take out those mind-clippers and have at those bothersome sprouts. Helps of course to have a friend to point out some of the spots in the back you might miss.
But Cat will throw in a warning here, make sure that person isn't trimming you to be a hedge in their personal garden. A good friend will help you cut what you don't like. Your flowers aren't their weeds, and vice versa.

Whoever you wish you were, you probably already are, just some soul tripper blocking the path. Take a look at their face next time. Make sure it's not the one you see in the looking glass.
Believe in yourself.
Be strong kittling, and for those grey-gloomer days when you aren't as strong, get some steel-toes.

Game Cat

Exit Game Cat's office.