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These are our Send Coffee Doom][ wads.
They're great for shotgun action, though some larger weapons are scattered about. New sounds, music, opening, closing, and status bar. Made for fast action, multiple frags, they can also be played alone (or with others) with monsters set for different skills.

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Death Match   -   Single Play Description Download

Shotgun Espresso
This is a medium-size enclosed courtyard wad. Shotguns at every start, platforms to work. Not for the shy or those who like camping. Soul ball on one platform, but you have to live long enough for the platform to come down. 2-4 in deathmatch. send01.zip

Based on the first level of Doom I, but with better atmosphere, this wad has many rooms for more players. Two way teleporting, and you can finally jump out of the window at the main start! send02.zip

MorJava's own wad. Many areas with a central hall. Teleports, secret areas, twists and turns for campers. Good for single play to multiple playing. send03.zip

Minor Sage's own wad. Vast courtyards with an open staircase to play on. Check out MorJava's cool sky addition. The atmosphere is beautiful, it's almost a shame to leave those bodies lying about ....almost... send04.zip

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