Let's quit this debate about cigarettes being addictive.
Maybe to some they are, but not to everyone. I know, because I tried as a teen-ager to become a 'smoker'. For over two months I smoked every day - and I inhaled - but I never could get to like or desire a 'smoke'.
Why not attack another product, one like....say, chewing gum?
This is vastly different! If I have no chewing gum with me when I get to work; I rush madly into the lunchroom to buy some from the vending machine. Now don't you think the Surgeon General should put a warning on gum? Something like...

"WARNING! Chewing gum can be harmful to your teeth.
It contains sugar, which may cause your teeth to rot away!"

They should not allow anyone under the age of 21 to buy gum.
Of course, there is sugarless gum, but Nutra-Sweet <tm> is proven to cause cancer in laboratory rats (if you have a pet rat, don't let them chew gum with Nutra-Sweet in it).
Think for a minute, if you were walking across a parking lot on a hot summer day, what would you rather step on - a cigarette butt, or a piece of disgarded chewing gum?
Or, if you were to wash some clothes and forget to empty the pockets, what would you rather find in your clothes dryer, a cigarette butt, or chewing gum?

© 1996 S. Foxx


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