n. the alkaloid present in coffee, tea, and kola: it is a stimulant
1. a drink made from the roasted, ground, beanlike seeds of the madder family 2. the seeds, whole or ground, or the shrub
coffee break:
- a brief respite from work when coffee, etc, is taken.
n. a place where coffee is served and people gather for talk, entertainment, etc.

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Pop in and see how much coffee is in the pot of the Trojan Room Coffee Machine

~ C E R E B R A L - A W A K E N I N G ~

Intense, burning hot java-
Drenching, cleansing, shaking the soul,
Inward screams, pleading-
Sleep lies dying, like a smoldering coal,
Neurons stirring, sensing-
Time becomes relevant, questioning the day,
Eyes get in synch, observing-
Clouds lifting, moving through the gray,
Reality arises, staring-
Hands clutching the pot for another jolt,
Blood is churning, pumping-
Body is stretching, ready to consult,
Mind is aware, searching-
Cerebral awakening.....

© L.Ferrell -1996


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