Tools of the Manipulator

They are used to bring forth truths
But also falsehoods
They are used to open the mind
But also to close it
They are used to inform us all
But also mis-inform
They are the tools of the manipulator
All twenty-six of them

© R.Lore

Untitled For Obvious Reasons

I wrote a poem
Everyone liked it
Everyone liked me
They didn't know me
They crushed my flower beds
I ran - I hid
They looked
They wondered
They moved on-
Now, I am me again

© R.Lore

Right vs. Left

                                Pseudo intellectuals
                             Spew out useless information
                           Meaningless phrases
                         Bore us with facts
                      Straight                        while the right lobe
                     From                                 screams
                    The                            for plausible theories 
                   Left                                   of the unknown


© R.Lore

The Feast

You stay in shape
Your hair's always just right
Wearing the finest clothes
Having a mirror close at hand
Lift the face or tuck the tummy
Get a manicure or a cut
Bring your vanity, the feast is soon
For six feet under the worms can't wait

© R.Lore


They say he was courageous-
That tiny little man

But what did he do?
What was his plan?

He made a decision-
One he must do,
Though he almost faltered,
He certainly came through

Why did he do this?
What did he prove?

He followed his insight
It was time to move

He left the past,
To make his own
The path he choose,
Was his alone

And the courage came,
From this journey he took,
You can't stay the same,
When from inside you look.

© R.Lore

Weeds, Needles, & Psychedelic Logic

A desire
For something different-
A mind
That was once your own-
A life
You no longer control-
Separate truth from reality-
Your euphoric immortality...
Weeds, needles & psychedelic logic

© R.Lore


© Copyright 2004; All rights reserved Send Coffee