20 September 1999                                   From: Send Coffee

 Local Website Marks Second Year Serving Entertainment, and Coffee.

     Blame it on too much coffee, but Richmond-based SendCoffee.com offers a little bit of
everything on a site that just keeps growing.
   What started out as a simple site named for the founders, Lauren Ferrell and Jes Simon's,
love of America's choice breakfast beverage, has grown into a domain offering more than
information on coffee. Amongst the many pages to explore, the main areas include -
 'Dog-O-matic kiosk', an ejournal featuring short stories, essays, art, and poetry from 
authors around the globe; 'City View - Richmond',  a guide to the Richmond area; 'PAGe ONe', 
an internet start page for beginners; 'Send Coffee Gifts', a secure online shopping area 
for coffee gifts; electronic postcards at 'Coffee Postcards at Send Coffee'; and with their 
recent association with Amazon.com, a collection of books called 'Coffee Drinkers Ultimate 
Library', featuring classic existential authors, contemporary works and science fiction. 
(URL list attached)

   Though Send Coffee is not strictly a business website, their coffee gifts and gift baskets 
are distinguished by the quality of the products used, as well as their professional 
appearance.  The gift area came about through website visitors emailing an interest in 
purchasing coffee gifts.

"We started getting mail from people wanting to know where we were so they could visit 
our cafe, or purchase our coffee, so we set our minds to offering gifts which held up to 
the reputation we have as a coffee source." Lauren Ferrell co-owner

    The further you go into Send Coffee the more you find, for instance the personal webpages 
of the owners, including the first and most well-known tribute to the internet error 404, and 
3D gaming information and Doom ][ add-ons created by Lauren and Jes.  There are also virtual
tours of Richmond and Hollywood Cemetery on City View - Richmond.
"Some internet sites don't let you know where they're based.  We're proud of Richmond.  
We love this city, and we wanted an area for locals to find information and possible visitors 
to see some of Richmond's history." Jes Simon  co-owner.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

               Contact: Jes Simon 804.560.5339
               Email: sales@sendcoffee.com


Send Coffee links mentioned :

Send Coffee                       http://www.sendcoffee.com/
Dog-O-matic kiosk                 http://www.sendcoffee.com/dog-o-matic/
City View - Richmond              http://www.sendcoffee.com/richmond/
PAGe ONe                          http://www.sendcoffee.com/pageone/
Send Coffee Gifts                 http://www.sendcoffee.com/gifts/
Coffee Postcards at Send Coffee   http://www.sendcoffee.com/postcards/
Coffee Drinkers Ultimate Library  http://www.sendcoffee.com/dark.html

404 Error                         http://www.sendcoffee.com/minorsage/404.html
MorJava's Toychest                http://www.sendcoffee.com/morjava/mjtoys.html
Richmond Virtual Tours            http://www.sendcoffee.com/richmond/tours/

A few of the many pages not mentioned :

Sweet Brew                        http://www.sendcoffee.com/sweet.html
(internet entertainment links) 
Linux Resource Guide              http://www.sendcoffee.com/morjava/mjlinux.html
(links and books for Linux)
Ask The Mommy                     http://www.sendcoffee.com/mom/askmom/
(a question/answer board)
Net Rants                         http://www.sendcoffee.com/minorsage/net.html
(short essays about the internet/computers)

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