Vurt, by Jeff Noon, is a very interesting book with a unique style.
We couldn't resist stepping into it's setting and creating an adventure of our own.
Hope you enjoy it.

== Vurt ==

Game Cat warned the kittlings, but it seems some of you ticklers didn't take the hint and went for the CURIOUS YELLOW in the GEN-X feather. Game Cat doesn't like his warnings being unheeded. This CREATIVE ride you are on is a bad scratch on the right-hemisphere of thought. Take more than a glass of Fetish to wash this strange taste off your palate. Once CREATIVE Vurt is in you, it's gonna take some soul-shaking to find the door. Game Cat reminds you, no jerk-outs, no turning back. Never touch the CURIOUS YELLOW unless you like the mind-burn.


== For Those Seeking Knowledge ==

Demen Tia walks down the dark and cold alley behind the Vurt-U-Want ...she can feel the dampness in the night air. As she reaches the end of the alley, she turns and heads for the park. It's quiet in the park at night and she goes to her favorite tree and climbs up. Leaning back into the large limb, she pulls her 'find' out. It is a English Voodoo, Yes, found it...just blowing across the alley. She had looked quickly around in disbelief and scooped it up and put it in the pocket of her worn leather jacket. And now, she can have it...alone. Demen always craves knowledge..and an English Voodoo is indeed a good 'find'!!
Demen puts the feather in her mouth and closes her eyes. The next thing she sees is a beautiful field..wildflowers..bright skies trees...people..they are doing different things..some reading, some talking, laughing, singing...they seem so serene and content. She is barefooted and wearing a nice comfortable cotton dress. Looking around she sees a river and walks over, sits down and puts her feet in the cool, comforting water. This is nice, she thinks. She hears a voice..a gentle voice speaking: "Each hemisphere...has its own... private sensations..perceptions..thought..and ideas..all of which are cut off from the corresponding experiences in the opposite hemisphere. Each left and right hemisphere has its own private chain of memories.. learning experiences that are inaccessible to recall by the other many respects each disconnected hemisphere appears to have a separate 'mind of its own'...." Demen smiles as shes absorbs knowledge...but the voice stops...she turns to look around.
Suddenly the sky has gotten dark...the sereneness is disturbed. The people now all look the same..they are all in black..they look the same...nothing to distinguish between them. Each with the same hair.. same piercings...they speak the same...think the same..Demen is now getting concerned...this surely isnt true English Voodoo..SHIT! it must be a 'bootleg'...."theres no knowledge in trendiness!" she yells ...running across the field.." JERK OUT!"...she exclaims..think different thoughts...jerk out..dammit..".night of the iguana..bring me the head of dobie gillis...tune in tomorrow...JERK OUT!"
Demen Tia jerks up in her tree, almost falling out of it..and leans back again..thinking "Damn i knew an English Voodoo 'find' was too good to be true....."


== Get Your Own Copy ==

Tortor picks up his copy of Game Cat....


How many times must some of you be told? Game Cat told you to watch for Bootleg, but the kittlings are looking for a low-budget ride to Metaville. Carnal knowledge in some Pornovurt that's a bit light on the pink isn't going to be ROXOFF. Relative time studies from some fade-to-black feather isn't EINSTEIN. You want a fresh, bright rip-off? Do a TAPEWORER on the back of a BABY RACER and see how long it takes the Shakacops to clank you in for a long haul. Don't mess with a faded feather. True tones are the way to go. Never know kittlings, when the cream is up, you may be too.
Game Cat is testing a new cinematic neuron crusher, goes by the name of HAVA............

..cereal and milk all over the copy.
"Damn shadow bitch!," Tortor jumps up from the couch, "I told her to keep her hands off my Game Cats!".


== Demen lights up a Napalm ==

" God, its a beautiful night!" ..Demen thought as she walked thru Bottle Town...the full moon making the streets of broken glass shimmer and sparkle.
Heading over to the dumpster, Demen saw William...lying there in a daze.."must be Blues"..Demen thought and then gave him a swift kick in the leg. William barely moves..opens his glazed eyes and smiles, "DT! Hows it going?"...Demen looks at William and says, "Damn youre such a girl!..You seen Vaz tonight?"..William just smiles and says, "No, DT...havent seen him..but im gonna get something special for you!"....Demen rolls her eyes and says,"Sure you are..and what would that be William?"..Demen is always getting things from William..mostly apple jam but hell its food aint it? William has always had a 'fondness' for Demen..she is like a big sister to him. "Not telling, dont want to jinx it DT"..William says as he sits upright. "Why are you always doing those silly Blues, Will?" asks Demen-lighting up a Napalm smoke. "Well, its my 'love' ya know?..sure i think youre in love with Vaz and thats just cool..but me? i gots nothing but these Blue Feathers they are 'good' to me...sure its not reality, but it works for me!" William says as he leans his head up against the dumpster. "Sure Will, anything you say..anything you say.." Demen says as she reaches in her pocket and tosses acouple of Blues his way. William smiles. They understand each other but dont get in each others way. Demen looks at William and says "Well have fun and if you see Vaz, you tell him to piss off for me ok?" Demen smirks and walks away breathing in the crisp night another Napalm smoke.


== Sleep to Dream, Dream to Sleep ==

Today was a long day...Demen was tired..all she wanted was to get some sleep. She was also beginning to wonder where Vaz was. She hadn't seen him in a few days now. She decided to go was a nice evening, why waste it, she thought.
Demen went to see Icarus. When she got to the shop he was mixing up some Vurt mist. "Hey DT, where's ya bad arse friend?" asked Icarus. "Who the hell knows...probably vazzed up or passed out." Demen said flatly. "Whatcha got? Anything new? Good? Interesting?" asked Demen. "Aye! I have something new, very new, checks out ok, but not legal, shouldnt be either..not something for the weak!" said Icarus, grinning. "I can give ya one just cause i like ya, but dont tell anyone, yeah , yeah, i know you wont! But i have to say it anyways. Its called HAVA and its a Neuron Crusher. Name says it all. Might not wanna do this one alone DT." said Icarus leaning into his latest mist. "Sounds good, maybe i will share this one, i'll let you know what i think of it." smiled Demen as she reached out her hand and took the feather from Icarus. She slipped the feather in her pocket. It looked basic black, but she would take a closer look when she got it home. Giving Icarus a thank you nod, Demen headed for the door. "You see Vaz, you tell him i'm looking for him", she called over her shoulder.

"Shit!!" Demen jumped back as she clear the door of Icarus' place, "dammit Vaz, you must have some shadow in you!" Vaz just smiled, "What are you doing sneaking around Icarus' without me?" he grinned. "Oh, just visiting...", Demen said, but she knew Vaz knew better. Demen was one of Icarus' favorite testers. She'd give an honest opinon of the new ride, plus Vaz was sure Icarus had a thing for Demen. Icarus didn't have a chance with her, but who knows? someday he might hit a mix that Demen couldn't live without. "Let me see it." Vaz said coldly. "Yeah sure, Demen replied, starting off down the street, "My place."


== JFK Flakes ==

Tortor came through the door bitching again. "There's JFK flakes and milk all over my Game Cat!"
Anna just smiled, "I had to eat my breakfast somewhere didn't I?" She crept a little shadow into Tortor, just as a warning not to mess with her. He felt her claws on him and looked scared for a second. "I'll kill you...", he said. He knew better, so did she.
Then to Anna's surprise he took a leap at her. She tried to get back into his head, but the shock of him coming at her broke her concentration. He hit her hard across the mouth, then tossed the Game Cat in her lap. "I want you out of here Shadow Bitch!", he shouted and turned to the door.
Anna just sat there in a daze. All this for a Game Cat? She could get him another copy....she got up and went to the bedroom and started packing. She knew it wasn't about a mag it was about the last 6 months of hell. He had gone to a Vurt-U-Want for a light trip and came back with her.

Tortor made his way down the streets. Heading nowhere and sure he could get there fast. "Flea hound" he muttered at a small passing dog-kid. The kid growled back at him, but Tortor didn't care. He was too pissed, just wanted his home back, no shadow threats, no girl who liked illegal feathers. What had happened to him? He used to be strictly above the board rider, now he knew all the backdoor outlets. The first time Anna put her shadow on him it scared him a little, but he kinda liked that scare, now it wasn't just a hint, she was coming at him hardcore. "Just hope she's out when I get back", he thought.
He found himself in front of Nero's place.


== Nero's ==

Nero's was covered with Christmas tree lights. Not just a few thousand either. Tortor ducked under the swaying lights into the dimly lit lobby.
"Dear Soul! Welcome to my theatre!", said a guy who must have been Nero himself. "In the mood for some mind-burning yet oh- so-legal cinema?", the guy asked.
"Yeah.", Tortor grunted. The man held up a finger and disappeared into a backroom.
Tortor looked around the place as his eyes adjusted to the vague lighting. Christmas lights, garlands and some plaster statues of Roman and Greek gods. It looked like a clown whore house.
The little man shuffled back into the room. He looked Robo, but was bald on top with a long flap of hair falling over his scalp. It might have been to conceal it, but it only made it far more obvious. "This is our newest release!", the man held out a purple feather. "Purple?", Tortor asked. Far as he knew there were no purple feathers. Rumors abounded that if they did exist, Game Cat was keeping them for himself, or maybe they were Hobart's personal stash.
The Robo-baldy chuckled. "That's what makes the trip so safe and enjoyable!", he beamed. He was really getting on Tortor's nerves. Sure, he had to sell-up the product, but what kinda blue giggler did he have running through his veins?
"A little blue to make it all so sweet," Robo-baldy said, "and a little pink to make it interesting!", he winked.
"How much?"
"For you my friend, just a pint of blood!", Nero said, looking uncomfortably, deeply into Tortor's eyes. Tortor thought he heard the Robo-baldy whisper "Pure, very pure....", but he wasn't sure.


== Check Your Securities At The Sign ==

Demen and Vaz arrived at Demen's place. It was a one bedroom flat. Neat and with just a few pieces of furniture. Demen liked it simple. Vaz plopped down on the sofa and smiled, "Let's see, come on, I want to have at it!" Demen sat down beside him and said "Ok". Demen pulled the feather out and they looked at it together. It was mostly black with a hint of blue and a glimmer of yellow. The tag read: HAVA. "This one is by no means legal." Demen read and she smiled then put the feather in her mouth, and passed it along to Vaz.
Demen and Vaz were in HAVA. They fell into what seemed like the clouds at first. No trees or grounding or gravity for that matter. They then descended onto soft ground. Demen landed and layed down among the flowers, "Isnt this wonderful? I feel as though I know everything! All questions answered. It's also like every good thing that ever happened to me is happening again!" Demen laughed lighty and closed her eyes to better absorb the sensation of HAVA. Vaz had landed nearby and answered "Yes I know what you mean DT, its great! Like no other ride I've taken! This is definitly one to share!" Vaz choose to walk around a bit. "Dont go to far Vaz, I'm sure theres a reason NOT to do this one alone." Demen said as she leaned up to watch Vaz start to wander off. Vaz shrugged and walked on. He then came upon a huge tree with a hole at the roots of it. There was a sign there which read: Only The Strong Can Resist! Vaz yelled over to Demen and told her what it said to which she replied "That means no go Vaz".
Vaz went. Demen got up and yelled "You damn idiot! Dont GO!" Demen ran over to the hole and heard Vaz screaming for dear life. "SHIT! If he listened just once dammit!" Demen said as she jumped into the hole. Demen felt gravity leave her. She landed hard! It was dark and hot. She suddenly started feeling all the bad that had happened to her, happen all over again. She strained herself to think pleasant thoughts so she could resist. It worked! She looked over and saw Vaz balled up like a child whimpering. She turned away and yelled "JERK OUT!"
The jerk out was hard and nauseating. They lay on the couch until their senses came back. Demen could not look at Vaz. Vaz took the feather which was beginning to fade and laid it in the ashtray and proceeded to burn it. He said nothing as it burned. Without looking at Demen he said "Lets go out!" Demen smiled and said "Yeah sure Vaz that would be great!"


== Bitter Sweet Scent of BLISS ==

Demen and Vaz arrived at the Slithy Tove. It was right after midnight and things were just getting started. The music was turned up and the crowd got denser. Demen was never one who liked crowds, so they made their way up to the balcony. Along the way they passed a gang sharing some Thunderwings. This gave them the sensation of weightlessness which made it easier for one to tolerate the masses and still have fun. Demen had caught the eye of one of the gang and smiled. This got her a quick tickle of the Thunderwing feather. Demen nodded and moved on with Vaz following behind. "How is it you just give a looksy and get things, DT?" Vaz called out from behind. Demen replied, halfway turning towards Vaz, "Just always have."
As Demen hit the steps of the balcony she felt the tickle of the feather working nicely, barely feeling her feet hit the steps as she ascended to the balcony. Demen found an empty table and sat down with Vaz. They ordered some food and ate with just small talk between them.
Demen sipped her red wine and looked at the maelstrom below. Such a varity of groups. Demen liked the varity, colours of every shade of the rainbow in the clothing, different types: dog, robo and shadows, and ofcourse different styles from feathers to leather. To her left further down the balcony was a shadowgirl that Demen had noticed earlier. She also noticed Vaz had been exchanging glances with her. Normally this would bother Demen alittle, but tonight she was in- different. In fact, even the cheap scent of Bliss being piped in didnt seem to effect her tonight.
Vaz gulped his Fetish and smiled at Demen. "Lets mingle, DT!" he said standing up. "I'll pass on the crush", Demen said as she got up and walked over to the rail of the balcony, "In fact, I think I'll just lurk a bit tonight." Vaz headed down and called back to Demen "Sure DT, I'll catch back up with ya!".


== Shadow Boxing ==

Demen stood at the rail of the balcony and watched Vaz blend into the crush, making sure he was being pushed towards the bar. Demen knew he would gulp down another Fetish. This he did. He also gazed into the Dub mirror behind the bar for the longest time. The Dub mirror made one look good, real good. Demen wondered just how much the HAVA trip had effected them both. Inside she knew.
It didnt take long for the ShadowGirl to make her way to the bar right beside Vaz. Demen watched as they talked. She was suprisingly relieved by this. She no longer wanted Vaz around.
About a half hour later, Vaz headed back to the balcony. "Great", Demen thought, "macho man doesnt want the ShadowGirl, SHIT!" Vaz made his way back to Demen's side at the rail. Demen also noticed that the ShadowGirl had worked her way back to the balcony. Demen looked at Vaz and forced a smile thinking, "How am I going to get rid of this bag of baby shit?" Vaz ran his hand through his vazzed up hair and grinned at Demen. "What say we go have some fun at your place, DT?" Demen looked away from Vaz and back over the crowd and replied flatly, "I don't think so Vaz, not tonight." Vaz seemed alittle thrown back by the response. He went behind Demen pressing against her saying in a threatening tone, "Thats NOT the response I want to hear, DT!" Demen pushed Vaz back off of her and quickly turned around, "Well THATS the response you're getting!" Vaz threw back his hand to slap Demen but was slow to the take. Demen kneed Vaz in the groin and watched him drop to his knees, wincing from the pain. Demen sneered at Vaz saying, "That position seems to suit you babe." As she turned to walk away, she walked right into the Shadow- Girl. "How quaint, coming to his rescue?" she said coldly to the ShadowGirl. The ShadowGirl immediately started a major mindf*ck on Demen. What she didnt know is that Demen had dealt with many a Shadow- Bitch and knew how to handle them. Ofcourse Demen's mood only made it easier to deal with this one. Demen quickly grabbed Shadow by the throat, picking her up off the ground a bit, and running full force across the balcony to the wall, which she promptly slammed the Shadow Girl against. She looked coldly into her eyes and said, "As far as Vaz goes, you can have him. As far as i go - DONT EVEN!" Demen then released the ShadowGirl and walked away, leaving the club.


== Stand Off ==

Anna stops dead in her tracks, her hand still on her throbbing throat. "This guy is nuts," she thinks, "like one feather over a full pillow!" She was going to help this guy she just met, some 'feel sorry for me' type. When the chick he's with takes him down like he's a Crusty, then the bitch turned on Anna....yeah, sure, she tried a little shadow on her...
...what do you expect?
The strange girl huffed out of the Slithy after nearly making Anna a mute. Anna rubbed her throat and was going to go help the poor bastard on the floor, but he was puking his guts all over the balcony. Then outta nowhere some guy pulls some antique fire power on the guy and blows his brains out.
"What the hell is going on?", Anna was frozen. Everyone had taken for the nearest exit. No doubt someone had called the police. But the guy with the gun was looking her way, the strobe light just barely making out his features, he didn't look happy.
Anna lost one battle tonight, she wasn't in the mood to lose the war. "Run", she yelled over to him, "I got a perfect picture of the girl who shot this poor fellow".
Instead of leaving, the guy was headed towards Anna. Looked like he had other plans.


== It's been a Napalm kinda nite. ==

Demen left the club and went to Bottle Town. Now would be a good time to visit William. She was frustrated and wanted some light conversation.
Demen found William right beside his favorite spot at the dumpster. "DEE! Long time no see, where ya been?" cried William. Demen kicked William in the leg and said "Dont call me Dee, you know better!" She sat down beside William and asked "So you said you were getting me something....where is it?" "Awww", William said "I dont have it yet, I told you it was 'special'" William smiled. "Alright, whatever" Demen said and leaned her head back on the wet brick wall, then lit up a Napalm smoke. "So," William said " where ya been DT?" Demen looked at William and said flatly "I have been here and there, went to Slithy Tove tonite and dumped Vaz...damn loser!" William looked surprised at Demen "Howcome?" Demen said "He was an illusion, mostly made of a man by my own wants" "Ahhh, sure DT, sometimes people arent what they really seem" William said and closed his eyes as if comtemplating this news. After they sat in silence for awhile Demen said "Well William I think I will take a walk, been a long nite" William leaned forward as Demen rose and said "Sure DT and I'll let you know when i get the 'surprise' for you" He smiled as he watched Demen wave and walk away.

Demen walked away in the chill of the nite and felt like she wanted something but wasn't sure what it was. She thought about how much life sucked and how some Vurt would be good right about now. Just a feather to relax her mind a bit. Yeah, thats what she wanted....a feather, but which one? She decided she would find one. As she headed out of Bottle Town she was feeling awfully tired. She decided to take a rest in one of the buildings dark hallways. She settled down in a sitting position and rested her head on her knees. She feel into a deep sleep.


== Things that lurk in dark places ==

Demen was awaken by a pain beyond any she'd experienced before. "What the fuck!!?" she screamed as she saw a Dream Snake latched onto her ankle. Yes, there it was bright green and purple biting the living shit out of her through her combat boots. "You sonofabitch!" she yelled as she snatched the snake and beat it against the wall until it went limp. Across the hall some shadowgoths had been watching this. At first their intentions were to mess with Demen, but after seeing this violent display of anger, they decided against it. After all, she just killed a damn Dream Snake without flinching! The shadowgoths slinked away and Demen passed out right where she stood.

Demen awoke the next day in Icarus's office. She looked around and saw Icarus wrapping her ankle. "What the hell is going on?? Where the fuck am I and how did I get here??" she yelled. "Whoa missy, just calm down..your arse got bit by a dream snake and YOU were found on my door step with the snake that bit you lying beside you, and dead I might add, almost like yourself. Someone dropped you here, knocked with the code and left. Thats all I know, and I have been trying to fix your arse ever since, and IF you werent so damn difficult, it might be alot easier for me to do!" Icarus said as he finished up the bandage. "Shit, no idea who eh?" Demen asked alot calmer now that she had her bearings. "Not a clue, but damn lucky for you someone likes you eh? You couldve been dead by now. Don't know how bad this bite was as far as the poison spreading but you oughta be glad you were wearing those boots!" Icarus said as he motioned to Demen that he was done with the bandage. "Damn, I hate not knowing shit! Well thats just's this going to be? Ok? It's not serious is it?" Demen asked alittle concerned. "Nah, like I said, your arse would be dead by now. You will live, you'll have alittle pain for awhile but you'll live for sure." Icarus went back over to the Vurt mists he had been working on. Demen got off the table and winced a bit as she put pressure on the injured foot. "Damn that smarts eh!" she said and proceeded to limp over to where Icarus was standing. "Hey, thanks for working on me doc, no shit, thanks" she smiled. "For you Demen no way could I not! Come see...I will give you a nice hard to find feather you seem like you could use one. Wait till you get home.I have called a xcab to take you ok?" Icarus smiled. That was the first time Demen had ever been sincerely nice to him and it made him feel good. Icarus went over to his desk and pulled out a feather, it was an English Voodoo. Demen looked at it in awe. "It's real, I mean it has to be coming from you Ic, I had a bootleg..bad trip!" Demen took the feather and put it in her zippered pocket of the leather coat she was wearing. She grinned at Icarus. He nodded and pointed to the door "One xcab at your service DT." Demen said her goodbyes and headed out for the xcab.


== A Pint of Blood and Thou ==

Tortor stepped out of Nero's and plucked the tiny piece of tape off the hole in his arm. "Sick bastard", he thought. He wasn't sure where he was going, not home, Anna might still be there. He had the feather, but wasn't ready to try it just yet.
He pulled the feather out of his pocket, purple, damned if they didn't exist! "Game Cat ol' man," he whispered, "if this one's a good ride I may thank you personally." He smiled up, to the sky, like that's where he thought the Game Cat looked down on his kittlings from.
He stuck the feather back in his jacket and headed down the street. First a drink, then a nice 'safe' ride.
He heard sirens down the street. "Trouble at the Slithy Tove. What a surprise.....another dog-man must have gotten excited and bit someone."
He turned right, away from the sirens, hoping to find some little corner bar. He wanted to just sit for a minute, think, relax. He wanted to figure out what to do about Anna. Could he make her leave? She always made out like she didn't have anyone else to turn to, but when she wanted her illegal Vurt, she always found a 'friend' to hook her up. "Let them put up with her.", he spit on the sidewalk. The poor man's defiant slap.


== Riding a melancholy past ==

Demen paid the xcab driver and headed up to her small apartment. She was still in pain from the snake bite, but managed. When she got in, she drank a large glass of milk and sat back in a huge overstuffed chair in the corner of the room. She then decided to have a look at her ENGLISH VOODOO Feather. She pulled it out of her jacket pocket and looked it over. "The real thing" she said outloud to herself. For some reason, she wasnt as anxious to take this one as she was the first one she found. Maybe it was the fact she knew that first one couldnt be real voodoo, but this one is. She knew the warnings from Game Cat. She knew it could go bad.
Question is, was she ready? Demen put the feather in her mouth.

KNOWLEDGE IS SEXY. KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS. The warnings flashed by as the Feather started its effects. She was instantly in a warm comfortable feeling of safety. She opened her eyes and saw that someone was carrying her. Someone she had never met, he didnt speak, just carried her gently to safety. The next thing she knew, she was what seemed like an endless fall. She landed in a large bed. As she flopped down upon the bed, she looked around and realized she was in her old room, in her family home. She wanted to leave. Again. She then heard voices outside of her door. The voices got louder, it was her parents, yelling about her. She could hear them clearly..."I DONT GIVE A SHIT, SHE'S IN HER ROOM PISSING HER LIFE AWAY!"..her father shouted. "But she is still young, Hon, give her time"..her mother replied. Her mother was always defending her without much sucess. Demen did not get along with her father, and there he was in Vurt all over again. Demen wanted saw no knowledge here. She went over to the door and opened it just in time for her father to be right in her face. "WHEN THE HELL ARE YOU GOING TO GROW UP? AND DONT GIVE ME ANY SHIT ABOUT WANTING TO DO ANYTHING OTHER THEN BECOMING SOMETHING USEFUL TO SOCIETY!...YOU"LL BE PISS POOR AND USELESS!" he shouted in her face. Demen stepped back, she knew what was coming next. His hand swung back to slap her, she ducked. This pissed him more. Demen let out the hardest punch she could muster and centered it right in his stomach. This gave her time to go back into her room and shut then lock the door. She looked around for a way out. She couldnt decide if she wanted to jerk out or just get the hell out of this scene.


== The looking glass shows the truth ==

Demen sat on the bed and tried to decide what to do. This was painful. She knew this scene all to well. She then heard someone calling to her. She looked around the room but saw no one. She listened harder, it was a faint voice. "Hey silly! Over here, come on...let's run away!" It was Steven, her younger brother. But, where was he? She followed the voice over to the corner of the room. The mirror? Demen walked over to the tall cherry dressing mirror. She looked at her reflection. As she looked, she began to notice the reflection was not that of her room. She then saw Steven. "Over here sis, come on, slow poke!" he said laughing. Demen thought I must be nuts now, as she picked her foot up and proceeded to step thru the mirror. It went thru. Demen walked thru the mirror. "Ok, now this is cool, howcome it never worked when I was a kid?" she said grinning. She was now in the outdoors, with large trees and flowers as tall as she. Steven came around the corner laughing. "Took you long enough!" he said. "This is my playground, you like it sis?" "Sure Steven, its beautiful!" Demen replied. "Follow me!" Steven said as he bolted across a large field. "What the hell" Demen thought and headed on after him.

They ended up on a hill which had a row of seven mirrors on it. "Check these out! They are the coolest, sis. And hey, did you know I ran away after you? No one can find me now!" he smiled. Demen looked at the mirrors as she wondered if what Steven had just said was for real. She hadnt talked to him in about 5 years now. He would be about 17 now. She walked over to one of the mirrors and looked in it. It made her look and feel so beautiful, reminded her of a Dub mirror of sorts but even better. She went to the next one, This one made her quite unpleasant feeling, she could hear whispers, lies all lies. Was strange to say the least. Demen didnt want to play with the mirrors, she wanted to talk to Steven, she missed him. "Did you really run away Steven? Tell me the truth." she asked. "Yup, right after you sis, but I couldnt find you. " he frowned. Steven then took off running again. Demen yelled for him to wait up but he wouldnt. She ran as hard as she could but was losing ground. Suddenly a sharp pain ran thru her ankle. "DAMMIT! How can I bring a friggen snake bite wound with me?? SHIT!" she yelled as she fell down wincing from the pain. "SHIT SHIT SHIT!" she yelled. Now she has lost Steven, again. She laid out on the grass exhausted and listened for any sound of him. None. She did hear a voice, far away, a womans voice saying "In a life so serene...In a capsule of time..Our life's but a dream..The stage where we live..Shows us the truth...As truth wants to give."

Demen jerked up from the chair and took the feather out of her mouth. It floated to the floor. She was panting and exhausted from this trip. She thought of Steven and fell into a deep sleep.


== X-Tra Game Cat Notice ==

Game Cat had a bad experience this evening. While visiting the kittlings at a favorite Blissful venue called the Slithy Tove, seems some unfeathered adrenaline lover decided his dinner was more important than a human life. Sure, Cat walks amongst the kittlings now and then.
Game Cat knows where the action is, and action is what was going down this evening.
You want some heart pumping Ultra-Violence try a nice SHAKA feather, or a STALKER DELUX. The natural rush will only land you in the clink, and the clink my kittlings, stinks. Come down off one of Cat's delights and you won't find yourself the "soulmate" of a brute without bathing abilities.
Nice clean drama, not the dry-cleaning nightmare Cat experienced this evening.

Play fair, Play on cleaning bills....


== Get up and Out ==

Tortor woke to yelling.
"Just shut-up and get this asshole out of here"
"Let him sleep, you need that shoulder looked at!"
"I'll throw his ass out myself....."
"Did they follow you? Whoever shot you?"
"I shot me, I was bored ok? Why didn't you just close the bar like I told you?"

Tortor wasn't sure if he should just get up and leave, or pretend he was still sleeping and possibly end up being tossed out. He opened his eyes just a crack and saw his own extended hand still clutching a purple feather. He chuckled under his breath. It seemed funny. Here he is, in some bar, two guys fighting, one with a bullet-wound apparently, and he's got his head on the bar and a feather in his hand like some kid clutching their favorite toy with their parents raging on in the background.
The guys were quiet. Tortor heard the sound of a glass brought squarely down on the bar.
"I'm going in the back, if he isn't gone when I come out...."
That was it, he heard the guy head to the back of the bar. Seemed threat enough for Tortor.
"Hey fellow", it was the bartender.Tortor raised his head.
"I heard", he pushed the feather back in his pocket and took a full look around the room. No sign of the other fellow.
The bartender was looking like a kicked puppy. Tortor felt alittle sorry for him, but just a little. He walked Tortor to the door and unlocked it to let him out.
"Nice family", Tortor said, giving Ralf a pat on the arm on his way out.


== Purple ==

Tortor made his way down the streets. They were empty but for a Shaka every second block, info scan, move on. They were looking for someone. Tortor thought to himself, "Cops, sirens, that guy in the bar that'd been shot....shit......". He stepped up his pace.
He made his way to his flat. Opened the door and looked around. No sign of Anna. He sat on the couch and took the feather from his pocket. He spun it around in his fingers, letting the pink and blue catch the light and throw glints, then put it in his mouth.
"No *burn* with Nero's!", the credits rolled.......

Tortor found himself in a room not unlike Nero's place, but the decor was easier on the eyes. He was lying on a bed, purple satin sheets. The walls of the room were a deeper shade of purple but damned if there weren't Christmas lights....he laughed.
A woman came gown flowing freely around and slightly off her lithe frame.
"Hi honey", she smiled and tossed her stray brunette hair from her eyes. She let her gown slowly slip down from her shoulders.
"I've been waiting for you....", she purred....stepping from the gown and gliding over to the bed.
Tortor felt a shiver run down his spine.....
She pulled back the sheets. Tortor felt her warm body pressing against his. He drew her mouth to his. His head spun.

"Damn you!"
Tortor pulled away and looked at the woman.
"What's wrong?", she said.
"Nothing.....not a thing....", he replied, taking her mouth to his again.

"Tortor! Damn you! Snap out of it!"
He jerked his head away, that was Anna's voice. What the hell was going on?
He felt someone shaking him, violently and came to his senses.
Anna was standing over him. She held the now creaming feather she had pulled from his mouth in her hand.
"What the hell?", he muttered, looking at her leg. Her jeans had been cut away, and a bandage covered her thigh.
He was now out of the Vurt completely and the coming down didn't please him.
"Bitch!", he yelled, jumping up from the couch, "I thought I told you to leave?".
"I had some trouble tonight," Anna started, then she broke into sobs. "I didn't know where else to go.....I saw a guy get killed....then the lunatic shot me.....left me....with the shakas.....I just didn't know where else to go.....", her voice trailed off into more sobbing. She sunk onto the couch in a puddle of tears. Tortor sighed and sunk down beside her.
"You ok?", he asked.
She nodded her head and pulled herself against him crying.


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