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There are still many applications available for Windows 3.1 on the net. These are the ones I am running on my system. For graphics, sound, word processing, and games - see the specific page. This page will be where I put 'everything else'.
The information for the MP3 icon on the image is under sounds.
Internet Applications
  • Dialer: Shiva
    This was included with a packaged version of Netscape and made independent

  • Com Driver: CyberCom 1.14
    Faster com driver than the standard for Win3.1

  • Browser: Netscape Navigator 3.04 Gold
    Highest version of Netscape for 3.1

  • Email: Pegasus Mail 3.12c
    Supports SMTP Authentication and multiple accounts (personalities)

  • FTP: WS_FTP 4.50
    File transfer program for Win3.1

  • TelNet: NetTerm 4.2.2 Release 2
    Great telnet program for connecting to remote/BBS systems

  • IRC: mIRC v5.31
    Advanced IRC (internet relay chat) program

  • Windows 3.1 Internet Applications


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