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I do a lot of graphics. Almost all the graphics on this domain were made in Windows 3.1. Mostly, I use Paint Shop Pro, but I have other programs for specific needs.

Graphics Programs on my system
  • Paint Shop Pro 3.11: This is the fully capable shareware version and the main program I use for graphics

  • Presto PageImage 1.2: This program has the best compression ability of all my graphics programs

  • Ulead ImagePals 2 GO! 2.0b: I've kept this for the wonderul watercolour filter - it rivals Adobe's in quality

  • Corel Photo-Paint 5: I rarely use this program, but it has some filters and does layers well

  • GraphX Viewer 1.51: Makes beautiful thumbnails

  • Rockford! 4.0: Business card program

  • Gif Construction Set 1.0Q: Makes animated gifs

  • IconEdit Pro: Open, edit and create icons files

  • MyLabels: A NEBS program for making custom labels

  • Windows 3.1 Graphics Applications


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