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Right off, you know my system is great for old-school gaming. It's basically DOS, so it can still play all the great DOS-based shooters, but also even older -school programs as well as basic Windows games.

Games on my system
  • DOS-based games: You know the list: Doom, Doom ][, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, Caesar ][, etc.

  • Windows games: Solitaire, SkiFree, MineSweeper, Rodent's Revenge, Reversi, Rattler Race, etc.

  • Microsoft Fuji Golf: Windows-based golf program with full screen graphics

  • DynoTech Boxes ][: Full graphics and sound game... kind of like Tetris, but not at all

  • WinWare Brain Games 2.0: Knights, BattleSat, Double Block, Bastille, etc.

  • Thomas Warfield's FreeCell Plus! 3.0: Tons of Free Cell games

  • LavaSoft Gazillionaire Deluxe: Fantastic graphics and sound interstellar game

  • Literati Lite Version 1.16: Scrabble for up to four player

  • Charles Timmerman's Games: Memory Blocks, Gecko Shuffle, Gecko Football, Code Breaker, etc. One of the best collections of super fun, tiny games

  • Zork: DOS only, text only - yes, that Zork

  • Commander Keen series: DOS only - yes, that Commander Keen

  • Mancala! version 1.0: DOS only mancala game with ansi graphics

  • Poetry Generator: DOS only famous, wonderful poetry creation program

  • Thing that aren't quite games:

    - Magic Eight Ball - ask it questions
    - Tiny Elvis - sits on your desktop and occasionally comments on the size of your icons, etc. "That sucker's huge!"
    - Roaches - scatter across your desktop and you can squish them
    - Shoot Out - a tiny cowboy who pops up randomly and challeges you to shoot him
    - Voodoo - makes your icons run from the mouse cursor
    - Ants - just as squishy as the roaches and eat your desktop
    - Coffee Cup - fills, empties, tips over
    - Chalk - makes your cursor a stick of chalk you can draw with

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