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Sound & Video

Windows 3.1, contrary to what many say, is multimedia capable. The first video I ever downloaded was on 3.1 - Sixth Avenue Heartache by The Wallflowers - in mov format. The file is dated 09/30/96.
I have wav files, au, ra, mov, avi, mid (midi), and mp3. Yes, mp3. I only have about 40 mp3's on this system right now, but I can not only play them, I can make playlists.

- Sound Programs on my system -
  • WinPlay3: I figured I'd start with the most shocking. Yes, I play mp3's. Not only that, with WinPlay3 all you need is a simple text file with a list of mp3's, saved with an .m3u extension, and you have a playlist.

  • Netscape Audio Player 1.2 This is naplayer.exe and it plays .au files with a tiny window

  • Windows Sound Recorder 3.11: A .wav player that can also do minor editing

  • HQ-9000 1.04: Stereo stack for Windows 3.1 - CD player, recorder, editor, mixer, everything. Supports midi and wav formats.

  • Windows Media Player 3.11: I use this for my midi player

  • Creative Sounds: A suite of sound programs that can edit midi and wav files and play CD's.

  • RealAudio Player 3.0: This plays .ra extension audio files. Those files weren't around that long and I only have about ten of them.

  • - Video Programs on my system -

  • QuickTime Movie Player Plays .mov format videos. The file options also show .mpg format, but I don't have any of those

  • Windows Media Player 3.11: Plays .avi format videos

  • Windows 3.1 Sounds, Music and Video Applications


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