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Notes & Musings

Can I see everything on the net in Win 3.1?   No. No, I can't.   Does it hold me back?   Not really.

The Internet and Windows 3.1

I can't see videos on my 3.1 machine - not newer videos - so YouTube is out. I have trouble with poorly written javascripting, and CSS didn't exist when Netscape wrote the browser version I use. I can't see .png images in my browser, though Paint Shop Pro can view most.

What can I see? Everything else. Images, text, most layout. The internet is a lot less... annoying when you can't see the flash advertising. I never see a dancing image declaring me the 999,999th visitor and begging me to click it. That's a big plus.

The Future

I would like to find a new home for my 3.1 system. I would like a mini-case and a larger hard drive. I would like to use USB drives. I love USB drives.
The thing holding me back is the drivers. I'd prefer not to have to go 'virtual', but have a true Windows 3.1 operating system in a new machine. I don't know if that would be possible.

Microsoft used Windows 3.1 up until November 2008. Do they have drivers that would work with newer sound and video cards? Did they write a work-around for the hard drive/CPU speed limitations?
Burning questions...

Any suggestions are more than welcome.

Windows 3.1 Notes and Musings


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