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WordPerfect 6.0a

Up until around 1998, if you said 'Word' you meant WordPerfect. It was the best known, most used word processing application. The alternative was MSWord - a horrible, messy, completely unintuitive program that no one would use unless forced at gunpoint. Yes, this is my WordPerfect rant.

I've often said MSWord requires a dead chicken and a grass skirt to get anything done. Changing page numbering requires a specific VooDoo dance. Making a table cell locked, another.

WordPerfect is easy to work with and doesn't require any witchcraft. Templates were included and simple to create on your own. Like just about every program not created by Microsoft, this isn't a bloated mess and the files aren't filled with junk code making them twice the size they need be.

Windows 3.1 Word Applications


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